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Why is Relapse a Common Occurrence in the Early Stages of Recovery?

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For a person who has been dealing with drugs and substance abuse for a sustained period, the path towards recovery is indeed dangerous and quite tricky. Maintaining sobriety during addiction recovery is immensely difficult as well. Treatment for Suboxone addiction Attleboro could be a very trusted and fulllproof way to attain recovery from prolonged drug and substance usage. But even then, Suboxone doctors are quite apprehensive about the possibilities of a patient encountering a relapse.

What is Relapse?

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Relapse is defined as the phenomenon when people revert to the usage of drugs and substances after a period of abstinence. Local Suboxone doctors are of the notion that relapse is a common setback for patients who are in the course of recovery.

Numerous patients undergo relapse at least once and even more while undergoing medicative or therapeutic treatment for drug and substance addiction. Suboxone clinics feel that it is the onus of the person and his loved ones as well as the society to treat relapse as a minor setback or impediment against the holistic treatment procedure and continue on the path to attain long term recovery.

Common reasons for encountering relapse during the early stages of recovery:

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Local suboxone clinics have claimed specific conclusive evidence regarding relapse. They say that a person undergoing treatment for addiction recovery is expected to encounter a decline if he or she is exposed to people, things, places, and even emotions that trigger the urge to start using drugs and other substances in them.

As it stands, a relapse could occur anytime to a person undergoing recovery. But it can be said that these cravings for drugs and the urge to give in to substance use once more are a more pronounced phenomenon in the early stages of recovery. Sublocade withdrawal could be linked to the high rate of relapse that is notable during the early stages of recovery.

But there are various other causes for relapse, which can be highlighted below. Concerning this, Suboxone doctors have stressed that it should be borne in mind that predicting the symptoms is necessary, which might trigger your cravings and urges to give in to drugs and substance use.

Association and peers:

People struggle with keeping their temptations for drugs and other substances at bay if they are in close contact with friends, family or acquaintance who had influenced them to start abusing drugs and substances in the first place. Specific sight and smell can incite drug cravings in people and make it difficult for them to continue with their recovery procedure, according to local Suboxone clinics.

Feelings of anger, sadness, and irritation:

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During the early stages of recovery, it is very common to encounter irritability and feelings of resentment. This might cause rage and sadness in such individuals. If you are searching online for suboxone treatment near me, they will also say that the emotional turmoil and an imbalanced coping mechanism are usual during the early stages of recovery. Since you had been using drugs and substances for a prolonged period, it is common that such feelings were dealt with the help of drugs. Hence abstinence from abuse and the recurrence of such feelings might force you to give in to drugs and other substances just to relieve yourself. Other negative factors like depression, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, and stress are common triggers that might cause a person to relapse during the early stages of recovery as they are yet to develop their coping mechanisms against these.


Local Suboxone clinics establish that the feelings of boredom and loneliness are common during the early stages of recovery since you are suddenly exempted from drug and substance addiction, and you do not adequately know how to fill that emptiness with constructive activities. This is a usual symptom that might cause individuals to encounter a relapse of their habits.

Holidays, happiness, and other positive emotions:

Doing drugs and abusing various potentially harmful substances is a common trend during vacations and holidays for people who suffer from ADHD and other disorders. Using drugs gives them a sense of peace and assures them of relief. The absence of other constructive activities is also extremely detrimental and might cause a person to relapse. Similarly, treatment for Suboxone addiction Attleboro has explicitly stated that positive emotions can be overwhelming too. So much so, that people often are unaware of how to deal with them. A pay rise, a new job, success in relationships, and other exciting events can create a sense of euphoria in these individuals who are still in the early stages of their recovery. They would want to resume their drug and substance usage once again since that is what they had identified with positive emotions in their past.

Guilt and shame:

While staying under the influence of drugs and substances, people commit numerous antisocial and nefarious acts. These make them suffer from guilt conscience when they are trying to get sober. The society might shun them for their past misdeeds and are often not ready to accept them in their own fold. This feeling of guilt and tremendous shame might cause these individuals to go back to their previous habits of drug and substance abuse.

How local Suboxone doctors suggest ways to cope with relapse?

Since relapse is a common occurrence during the early stages of recovery, Suboxone doctors and Suboxone clinics suggest that one should undergo comprehensive rehabilitation to get rid of such symptoms and continue on their journey towards recovery. Rehabilitation centers have long term courses that are modeled to cater to the needs of these individuals. They provide various types of treatment, including therapy and medications. The safety and sanctity of the premises and the continuous support will also provide these individuals ways to combat relapse.

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